Data-Powered Real Estate

Monitor, report and
analyze easily with all
your data in one place

You can build solutions to access, transform, load, warehouse, query, graph, analyze, run through AI and get the right information in the right hands at the right time. Or, you can use UDP.

UDP: Your Comprehensive Business Intelligence Platform

UDP is a business intelligence platform that seamlessly unifies and standardizes diverse real estate data from various systems and platforms. It transforms this data into actionable insights, empowering your team to enhance decision-making, optimize performance, and accelerate profitability across your entire portfolio.

Sharpened Portfolio Insight

Access transparent business intelligence with UDP, enabling your team to quickly identify and act upon crucial business insights and metrics.

Enhanced Team Decision-making

Maximize efficiency with UDP, ensuring your team spends less time searching for data and more time making informed, data-driven decisions.

Streamlined Data Management

Navigate through the complexity of disparate data systems with UDP, providing a unified, clean data source from various property management systems and software providers.

Why UDP?

Unlock clarity in your real estate data management with UDP - your partner in transforming scattered, fractured, and challenging data into streamlined, real-time insights that empower every decision, every day.

Flexible Data Ingestion & Integration
Effortlessly merge and manage data from various sources with UDP’s smooth and adaptable integration capabilities.
Ready-Made Dashboards and Custom Dashboards
Explore data effortlessly with our intuitive pre-designed or custom-built dashboards tailored to your unique needs.
AI Predictive & Forecasting Tools
Navigate your future strategies confidently with AI-powered predictive insights and intelligent market forecasts.
Automated Reporting
Eliminate manual efforts with UDP’s automated reporting, ensuring precise, insightful data is always at your disposal.

Solutions Tailored for every Real Estate Professional

Discover a suite of specialized solutions designed for the diverse roles within the real estate sector. At UDP, we understand that each role has unique needs and challenges. That’s why we’ve crafted precise tools to help every team member excel—from ownership to the front lines of management.

Let’s Navigate Your Data Challenges Together!

Embarking on your data management journey? Let’s tackle it together. Click below to reach out, and let’s explore how UDP can smooth your path in multifamily real estate data management.