Discovering Your Data’s Potential


UDP’s diverse and powerful features unlock the full potential of your real estate data, transforming insight into action.

Flexible Data Ingestion & Integration
Ready-made Dashboards and Custom Dashboards
AI Predictive Analytics & Forecasting Tools
Automated Reporting

All Your Data, One Unified View

At UDP all your data sources come together.
Real Estate data is spread across many systems. There’s the financial data in accounting systems, client interactions in CRMs, operational details in PMS, and marketing data from tools like Google Analytics. To complicate things further, there’s often data from external sources and individual spreadsheets. Navigating this mosaic can be daunting. So, what makes a unified data view so crucial?
Real-time Vision: Eliminate fragmented and contradictory data and insights and report on your business with accuracy, and on time.
Maximized Opportunities: Find hidden patterns that reduce cost and maximize profits.
Proactive Action: Machine learning models running on your cohesive data anticipate issues before they arise.
UDP integrates information from any source you use, even those one-off Excel files or your external data sources, offering complete control and a comprehensive business view. With UDP you can now seamlessly transition between various services, handpick best-in-class tools, and ensure it’s always ’your data, your way’ in every setup.
UDP provides both better control for todays, and more control and options for the future.

Let’s Navigate Your Data Challenges Together!

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